Shirt Sale

We’re offering a limited-time sale of shirts in a variety of colors and want to offer a low price to anyone interested. T-shirts and tank tops are $18. If you want something warmer, we have sweatshirts available, too.  The pictures below do not show all items available.

Shipping is $5 (free with purchase of multiple items).

Similar shirts are available and will remain available on our website store with limited color selection.

Orders must be placed by July 9, 2017.  We’re not maintaining an inventory, we are only printing what is ordered by July 9th.
We will ship about 3 weeks after orders are complete.
Returns must be made within 30 days of delivery. To receive a refund, items must be in the same condition they were received (unwashed, tag in place). No shipping costs will be refunded. PayPal “receiving fees” will not be refunded.

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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!
Two major themes from this weekend:
Hire Vets
Look good for summer

Kinematics Personal Training supports both of these themes!
By hiring Joe Tryon as your trainer YOU are hiring a vet and hiring a trainer to help you reach your fitness goals.

Contact us to set up an assessment. Unofficial summer started, but a good exercise plan starts when you are ready.

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Moving season special

Did you recently move or buy new fitness equipment? (Or recently start going to the gym) If you are looking at your gym equipment and not quite sure what to do we’ll give you an hour of instruction on the basics for $50.
You can still schedule a FREE assessment where we can give you some ideas on what exercises would be most beneficial for you.

Contact us to schedule some time!